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We transport your cargo with agility and efficiency between international ports, and we leverage our extensive experience on the African coast to ensure timely and successful delivery.


As leaders in our region with a long and successful history and deep knowledge of local procedures, we provide cabotage services, which involve coastal transport between ports within the same country. This transport can take place by sea or across rivers within the national territory.


We have extensive experience in transporting cargo with non-standard measurements and weights. We conduct comprehensive logistical studies for all travel processes, from departure to arrival, leveraging our local operational expertise to optimize the necessary resources and ensure the successful delivery of your cargo to its final destination


Our multimodal services (OTM) ensure the comprehensive logistical management of the resources required to transport your cargo from its origin to final destination, all under a single contract.


With decades of experience, extensive know-how, and strong ties to the local port community, we provide our customers with the best choices of transportation routes, customs clearance, and other necessary steps for seamless customs processing. We handle end-to-end procedures including fiscal, tax, and commercial issues, as well as communication with ports and agencies responsible for maritime transport and other related matters.

our services

Anna Shipping is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) company that specializes in managing the consolidation of multiple volumes of cargo into containers. We ensure the timely and secure shipment of goods, regardless of the volume of the load, and we offer the following services:

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